Hungover from day drinking and were testing the alarms at work -__-

Life’s a bitch then you die that’s why we get high

Drank until 7 am slept for 3 hours now I’m going to work

To day drink or not to day drink?

The question that haunts me

Saw a girl with an lsp number sticker

Almost exactly 3 years ago today we were all sitting in hanks back yard drunk as fuck getting all emotional about high school being over

Lol I just remembered me and Kev left a roach in a beer bottle in the middle of the woods in New Hampshire as a message in a bottle

Being invited to shared folders on Dropbox makes me feel super professional

I’ve had some very hilarious text conversations today all about Saco

I need to install a cooler in the golf cart

Having some first world problems

I was too stoned last night and forgot to plug my phone in so now it’s about to die and no one is texting me back and I’m bored