This guys giving me this look like he knows like I’m super high

Probably sad

That I’m surprised I didn’t get a call to bail one of my boys out of jail after last night

Future tom already wants to take a second to that shitfaced tom

For only drinking 3 drinks at the bar and drumming mad water

Little adderal little Molly little booze and were good to go

Also jumping around like a 5 year old because Amherst

Going to Amherst instead of work today because fuck it

Being in Cambridge is not how I expected how my nigh to go

All I’ve been doing as of late is getting retarded high and chillin eurh the boys and nothing is better than that

To this day it amazes me how baller it is

That big russ’ credit card said Russell MacDonald Phd
Like that’s so pimp

Only came to class to talk to this girl but she didn’t even show up