I was too stoned and made plans I was actually looking forward to for tomorrow and I forgot I had work -_________-

Great start to the double holiday

I’ve been going through a lot

Exemplified by me being on the verge of a breakdown by just hearing 2 songs on the radio

My heads still ringing and I don’t know if it’s from Miley or my hangover


I can’t keep doing this forever

Sometimes you get the best advice from 9 year olds

Watching Scooby doo goes to wrestle mania

Checking in with spring break progress

I got high as fuck more than once so that goal was accomplished let us accomplish that some more

I dont know how many moonshine cherries fell in my drink

It’s gonna be a surprise

Day 3 of spring break

And my only plan is still to just get high as fuckk


Currently I am sitting in the parking lot at KFC waiting to get picked up to go do some marketing Job so there’s that